Monday, December 22, 2008

X Files 3 Movie Frank Spotnitz

Frank Spotnitz the father of X-FilesProducer Frank Spotnitz (who is also the scriptwriter behind the X-Files TV show and the movies) is still dreaming of / planning a third X-Files movie even if the previous opus, I Want To Believe, didn't perform well. He tried to explained the theatrical failure in a recent interview given to the Sci-Fi Movie Page (here) :

"[the movie] opened a week after 'The Dark Knight' and got mowed down by it. No one knew what a huge historical event it would be."
Frank Spotnitz

I doubt it was really due to Batman or to the Joker... If the movie X-Files 2 was a failure it was rather because people didn't find what they were craving for: all fans wanted to see some alien invasion! Not even a real mention of William, Scully's baby...

The X Files 3

So for X-Files 3, Frank Spotnitz should definitely consider a plot revolving around the alien invasion! Otherwise I doubt 20th Century Fox would hurry to green light the third X-Files movie even if the second film may do well on DVD...

Can't be too early for Frank Spotnitz to think about a potential plot for X-Files 3 anyway:

"As you know the date of December 2012 is an important one in 'The X-Files,' and I'd like to focus on that."
Frank Spotnitz

Let's hope he's hinting at this damn alien invasion!

Mulder and Scully in X-Files 3David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson both enjoyed reprising their roles respectively as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully and would be willing to make a third movie.

But not sure that 20th Century Fox would agree to financially back X-Files 3. Fortunately (?) Frank Spotnitz said he'd be ready to produce X-Files 3 himself.

Frank Spotniz, if you happen to drop by this blog, please: focus on the aliens, and try to tell us what happened to Scully's toddler!

If you give what the fans want, X-Files 3 could be a real blockbuster!